Dolce Bella, means “Sweet Beauty” in Italian, and that’s just what Dolce Bella Kids is. Diana set out to create a line, inspired by the “Simone” top that started it all.  Currently restocked, and available for her Black Friday sale happening now; Diana launched a “Mommy and Me” of the classic “Simone” top available in both black & off white colors. Sure to have the cute factor on overload this holiday season, even over zoom.  

Dolce Bella Kids is for the mini fashionistas, but still playful enough for the playground. For the kids with style and grace, but won’t take away from the cute smile on their face there’s a collection of fun for everyone. 
From the “Cross Shoulder Boho Purse” to the kids hat that proudly displays, “Not Tired” each piece is as unique as the kid who wears it. And as universal as the kid who needs a nap!

Diana is also branching out Dolce Bella Kids with a magnetic wooden toy set from Tegu Toys, and a book called, “Let’s Make Yoga Magic” by author Heather Leah. Both items falling seamlessly into the aesthetic that is both Sweet and Beautiful, also known as Dolce Bella Kids.

With four of her own, Diana runs Dolce Bella Kids as an IT analyst and Certified Tax Preparer. Open with her information and resources on stocks and credits, she puts her money where her mouth is by communicating with and educating women about finances. She’s changing the game one stylish kid at a time, and just as importantly their parents too.